FHL008 Session East Ep

For our 8th release, we received works from 5 Hungarian producers. The first two tracks are from Banyek and OhmikRon, the two known dub representatives of the region. Banyek’s music was inspired by Kelenföld (a territory in the outskirts of Budapest), it’s a deeply pulsating 5 minute-long “dub wonder”, built by analog machines, while OhmikRon’s slowly evolving dubby chord play dandles us for 10 minutes.  We have got the thrid track from Direct and Range, it’s the ambient version of Radical Motion’s work titled Invasion. Mr. Fiel’s track transports us to Alaska. House grooves with a powerful bassline, and synths slowly building up in cold melancholy. The 5th track is from Dj Slow’s downbeat lab: fading chords, broken rhythms, and vibrating subs in the background frame this 4 minutes. Wishing you a good listening to the Eastern Block!

Mastered by Direct
Cover photo by Chrom

Artist: Various
Title: Session East Ep
Cat.Nr.: FHL008
Quality: 320 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2012


01. Banyek – Kelenfold
02. OhmikRon – Ridin the Lion
03. Radical Motion – Invasion (Ambient mix)
04. Mr. Fiel – Alaska
05. Dj Slow – Waves in the ocean (Deep Whale mix)

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