FHL007 White Shadows Ep

Six track was selected for our 7th EP thanks to our formerly submitted competition titled as Spring Deck. The EP starts with In:Form’s electro based grooves and continues with a classic sounded deep house in five and half minutes, a work handi- and earicraft of Tamas “Freaky” Fiel. We got the third track from Grema, who once again delivered us his energetic, membrane-stimulant piece of music (which is expected to be released on vinyl also on a new British record label). Our fourth contestant is Peter Bernath with his remix of Colorstar’s Falling. Summer evening blend, wrapped up in unfortunately only eight minutes. Legend Record’s Ozon, the local don of abstract hip-hop and electro brought us the next track: Can August be like this as well? Hell yeah! The final record is by Sullivan and Direct, the scratch genie of SoulClap Budapest, who reinterpreted In:Form’s track, Nativa, giving it a deep, downtempo pulse.

1,2 and 3rd track was mastered by Grema, 5th track was mastered by Ozon, 6th track was mastered by Direct.

photo by Istvan Tóth

Artist: Various
Title: White Shadows Ep
Cat.Nr.: FHL007
Quality: 320 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2012

01. In:Form – Airport
02. Mr. Fiel – Downtown dimensions
03. Grema – Clappin’ up (Edit for Freaks)
04. Colorstar – Falling up (Peter Bernath remix)
05. Ozon – August beat
06. In:Form – Nativa (Sullivan and Direct remix)

Download (zip)