FHL005 Freakyhouse Sampler 3 (part 1)

FHL005 Freakyhouse Sampler 3 part 1We have returned – our new sampler will be released in two parts. We have chosen 4 new Hungarian tracks for the first part of the fifth release, and to top it all, this will be the first official appearnce for more artists.
The first track came from the ancient deep-house-face, the ears and sampling work of Vinyluser is laudable! The title reveals the origins of the music used to sound samples – dope piece, in more than 5 minutes. The second track was produced by Berkeley, who feels at home in the ambient sounds (using different alter ego called Wum). The track, which is full of effects and sound-snatches tell us a great crime story. We received the 3rd track from Grema. Can you hear those raw power in the track, that we felt at his successful live act in the summer? It is a dance floor bomb with techy and acid elements. The last track were made in the BRP Studio. In:Form uses his own sounds – a dark bassline, pads swim under the little fragments. Special thanks to Istvan Tanka aka DirectSoulClap Budapest for his help ;)

Wish you good listening, we will come back soon with the second part delivering slow stuffs with hip-hop and jazz elements.

Artist: Various
Title: Freakyhouse sampler 3 part 1
Cat.Nr.: FHL005
Quality: 256 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2011
01. Vinyluser – Herb
02. Berkeley – Crime scene
03. Grema – Decay sequence
04. In:Form – Nativa
Download (zip)