FHL003 Dublicator – Constant

fhl003After two compilations, the next EP’s single artist is Tamás Olejnik a.k.a Dublicator.

After Tamás having made several EPs at nonstopnonsense.netlab the Italian label Deepindub.org – founded by DJ Mitch – released his album.  This EP consists of four track: the title song in three different approaches and the odd one out named Variant.

Concerning the style the name of the producer can ring a bell, not surprisingly FHL003 can be described with indicators such as dub-ambient-techno-deep.

Artist: Dublicator
Title: Constant EP
Cat.Nr.: FHL003
Quality: 256 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2008


01. Constant I.
02. Constant II.
03. Constant III.
04. Variant

Download (zip)