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SPRING DECK _ új megjelenés pályázat

Freakyhouse Spring Deck

SPRING DECK _ új megjelenés pályázat! /SPRING DECK release project

Itt az ideje szögre akasztani a téli bakancsot és nekindulni a belvárosnak, eddig nem ismert helyeket felfedezni, régieket meglátogatni és elkölteni barátainkkal egy jó hideg italt. /It’s time to hang up your winter boots and explore dowtnown, yet unknown places, to visit old friends and have a cool drink together.

A bringát leporolhatjuk, zenetárunkat frissíthetjük, új helyek és élmények felé vehetjük az irányt! /We can dust off the bike, update our music library, heading towards new experiences!

De Ti, akiknek ha van egy kis szabadidőtök, zenét írtok, -jól tudjuk- most sem álltok le, a bedroom-studio mindig is “külső” kalandjaitok vég, illetve “belső” utazásotok kiindulópontja lesz. Ezért is számítunk ismét munkáitokra, melyeket a tavasz kreatív felfrissülése inspirált. /ut those of you who have some free time, you make music – we know that well – and you can never get enoguht of it, your bedroom-studio will always be the terminus of your “external”, and the starting point of your “internal” journeys. That’s why we look forward once again to receive your music, inspired by the creative revival of spring.

Ismét érzések, élmények, gondolatok vezérelte zenéket várunk! /Again, feelings, experience, ideas-driven music is welcome!

Most sem kötjük meg kezeiteket, lehet ez hip-hop, lassabb, vagy közép tempos tört, laza funk vagy house. A lényeg a koherens tartalom és a “mondanivaló” ! /Now we do not tie your hands, tracks can be hip-hop, slow or medium tempo broken stuff, funk or house. What matters is the content and the “message”!

Munkáitokat április 28-ig várjuk! Jelige: ‘Spring Deck’ A zenéket ‘pre-master’ stádiumban küldjétek el! Köszönjük /You are kindly requested to share your work with us until 28 April 2012 the latest! Motto: ‘Spring Deck’

Addig is jó munkát, élményekben gazdag időtöltést kívánunk! /For the meantime we wish you good work, experience life to the fullest!

Freaky Crew.
freakyhouselabel [kukac] gmail [pont] com

tel: +36 20 / 460 4263

FHL006 Winter in the city

[FHL006] Winter in the cityHeavy, slow machines strike out from the traffic lights, a faded radio communication whispers across the streets in Budapest night… This is the time of the snow trucks. András Hargitai aka Banyek drives us through this world with heavy epic, filtered chords and massive dub subs. A mixture of hiss and real radio recordings. This five and a half minute long composition, called ‘Hókotrók’ (Snow Baggers) hits your ears, and project the dark streets of Budapest, in a winter night.

As you know one of Hungary’s dub-tech-techno heads, Kálmán Németh aka Father OhmicRon, you should expect a well prepared, massive musical structure. In this case, quality is the same. Ladder Version creates a world with repetitive coldness, but if you notice the “game” with the melody and the synths, you can easily dive into this almost ten minute-long composition. It is worth checking it. Let it into your ears!

The third track contains the “rebellious-spirit” of Andras Leel-Össy aka Frenemy. He uses a bit harder kicks and drums, but on the other hand, we could feel some kind of “drive far away” feeling, which work well together good. He also plays around with musical structure. Modern Madness, is a restless reflection to the coldest season.

At the end of the compilation, Marcell Deme and Bence Papp Streako & B-Squit ‘s track Noorderlicht, leads us out from the deep areas, and provides us the sunlight of a calm saturday morning. They are operating with positive and bright synth tones and not too hard drum kits. Just perfect to demonstrate, that winter is not just about darkness, and cold, a peaceful sense of waiting and focusing on each other.

The release was mastered by Andras Leel-Össy.

Artist: Various
Title: Winter in the city
Cat.Nr.: FHL006
Quality: 320 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2012

01. Banyek – Hókotrók
02. Father Ohmicron – Ladder version
03. Frenemy – Modern madness
04. Streako & B-Squit – Noorderlicht
Download (zip)

FHL005 Freakyhouse Sampler 3 (part 2)

We would like to present the second part of our fifth release as a Christmas gift, which contains three, slower tracks. We received the first track from Ferenc Vaspoeri. Clear, individual sound with hip-hop tones. This track is another original masterpiece which shows Ferenc’s diversity of music and professionalism. Let’s Hellfly! The second music is the result of Berho and Direct cooperation. Apart from drum and bass, the guys now mainly focused on hip-hop beats. The title of the track is the anagram of James Brown, it was created as a tribute to his funk and jazzy elements. The third track was produced by Tamas Fiel. His new project called Based on Budapest: in the future Tamas is going to work together with musicians in order to spice up his music with live instruments. In the first production Peter Miko blew the saxophone! We wish you a good listening to the second part of our fifth release. Special thanks again to Direct for his help!

Artist: Various
Title: Freakyhouse sampler 3 part 2
Cat.Nr.: FHL005
Quality: 320 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2011


01. Ferenc Vaspoeri – Hellfly
02. Berho and Direct – JB
03. Based on Budapest – Morning lights
Download (zip)

Freakyhouse release pályázat – Winter in the city

Producerek figyelem! /Attention all producers!/

Lassan de biztosan beköszönt a tél. Ilyenkor mindenki a saját maga hangulatába burkolózva készül fel a hideg téli éjszakákra. Sokunk azonban, ahogy másból is az életben, ebből is ihletet merítünk, és ezt az érzést hangokba, dallamokba, beatekbe vagy ütemekbe formáljuk meg. Egy hosszúra nyúlt havas vasárnap reggel, egy forralt bor a barátokkal a hidegben, a frissen esett havon felvillanó közlekedési lámpák fénye, a jeges járdán előttünk haladók botladozása, egy fűtött lakás esti nyugalma, vagy épp egy kellemesen eltöltött este egy pub-ban, munka után… /Slowly but surely winter arrives soon. In these times everyone is trying to prepare at home in their special mood to the cold nights. However lots of us gather inspiration from this, like from other things in life and transform his/her emotions to sounds, tunes and various beats. One long lasting, snowy Sunday morning, a hot wine with the friends in the cold, the flash of traffic lights on the fresh snow, the stumbling one walking ahead of us on the icy pavement, the evening tranquility of a heated home or a pleasant night in a pub after work…/

Minden kis mozzanat inspiráló lehet! /Any momentum can be inspiring!/

A Freakyhouse 2012 január 5-ig “Winter in the city” jeligével várja azon producerek munkáit, akik a fenti dolgokból tudnak ötletet meríteni és képesek ezt egy zenében “megformálni”. Nem kikötés a house-séma, a közép-tempos 4/4-ed mellett ugyanúgy várjunk a lassabb tört beateket, downtempot, vagy akár beatless ambienteket is. A lényeg a produktum által hordozott érzés. /Freakyhouse await the works of those producers who can convert the above impulses into tracks based on the gathered ideas. House-pattern is not a stipulation, besides 4/4 slower broken beats are also welcome, as well as downtempo or even beatless ambient. The feeling carried by the outcome is what counts./

Ha tetszik az ötlet, viszont téged nem, de egy ismerősödet érdekelheti a pályázat, kérünk, küldd tovább vagy oszd meg az infót. /If you don’t intend to submit your material but you still like the idea and think that one of your friends might be interested in the competition, please send them over this info./

Várjuk munkáitokat!


Freakyhouse crew

e-mail: freakyhouselabel [kukac] gmail [pont] com
telefon.: 20 460 4263