The House Sound of Budapest pres.: 6 years of Freakyhouse

6 évesek lettünk! A Freakyhouse 2007 márciusában kezdte meg tevékenységét, az eddigi mérlegünk 9 netlabel megjelenés és 18 exclusive dj mix a világ minden pontjáról. Zeneileg kalandoztunk már az ambient, dub, techno, acid és chicago house, valamint a downtempo világában, összesen 24 producer munkássága előtt tisztelegve zenéik megjelentetésével (ezúton is köszönjük az együttműködést).

2013. április 12-én 22 órától várunk mindenkit szeretettel a Kolorba 1 (2-3-4-5…) szülinapi koccintásra és egy hamisitatlan party-ra. Az estét a manapság zeneszerzés terén is együttműködő Nova és Sailor (aka SVD) duo vezeti fel vidám, bólogatós muzsikákkal, majd a kellően bemelegített táncparkettet Zee (aka Jaffa Surfa) és Klayman páros back-2-back szettje robbantja fel. A két úriembert talán nem kell senkinek bemutatni, otthagyták már nyomukat a budapesti tánczenei élet képzeletbeli porondján. A levezetésről a Freakyhouse csapat két tagja, In:Form és Mr. Fiel fog gondoskodni. A srácok kibújva saját stúdiójuk mélyéről, előveszik ropogós house korongjaikat hogy méltón zárják le az estét. Az eseményt a House Sound Of Budapest hosztolja, folytatásaként a 2011-ben szervezett Jeremy UndergroundParis-os bulinak. Várunk mindenkit szeretettel!

Helyszín: Kolor (Budapest, Király u. 13.)

Dátum: 2013.04.12.

Időpont: 22:00-04:00 (?)

Belépés / Entry : Ingyenes / Free


Nova (
Sailor aka SVD (Freakyhouse,
Zee aka Jaffa Surfa (The Debut, All Inn, Bosconi)
Klayman (Two-B-Music, Tilos Radio)
In:Form (Freakyhouse, Tilos Radio)
Mr. Fiel (Freakyhouse, Tilos Radio)

FHL009 Video games for bunnies Ep

FHL009Chicago- and acid house dominates our ninth netlabel release. To cut straight to the chase, our first track is from Grema, who delivers the usual and expected high quality stuff. A piece of dynamic, dancefloor killer, followed by Vinyluser‘s also rocking acid fly. Latter’s title is an acronym, with the following meaning: That Magic From Yesterday Is Gone. More than 5 minutes of music primarily made up of Roland Juno 60 sounds and with the help of a Doepfer Modular. Gnork, who already has a vinyl release in his past, aiming for a smoother style: Skysurfin is a nice game with pads, backed by a variety of deep, buzzin basslines. The fourth one, titled Our Future got out from the workshop of Route 8. Another gem of Chicago house, recorded by the artist on a tape. We are pretty sure that the works of Route 8 soon will see a vinyl cut. The slow and charming final track comes from the Farbwechsel label owner duet, Silf. If we wrote this teaser for an online record shop, something like this would come: essential release, must-have!

Cover photo by Vinyluser

Artist: Various
Title: Video games for bunnies Ep
Cat.Nr.: FHL009
Quality: 320 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2013

01. Grema – Sabada
02. Vinyluser – TMFYIG
03. Gnork – Skysurfin
04. Route 8 – Our future
05. Silf – Her long copper legs stretched out under a short skirt

Download (zip) (You can download the .zip file with the following browsers: Internet explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox)

FHL008 Session East Ep

For our 8th release, we received works from 5 Hungarian producers. The first two tracks are from Banyek and OhmikRon, the two known dub representatives of the region. Banyek’s music was inspired by Kelenföld (a territory in the outskirts of Budapest), it’s a deeply pulsating 5 minute-long “dub wonder”, built by analog machines, while OhmikRon’s slowly evolving dubby chord play dandles us for 10 minutes.  We have got the thrid track from Direct and Range, it’s the ambient version of Radical Motion’s work titled Invasion. Mr. Fiel’s track transports us to Alaska. House grooves with a powerful bassline, and synths slowly building up in cold melancholy. The 5th track is from Dj Slow’s downbeat lab: fading chords, broken rhythms, and vibrating subs in the background frame this 4 minutes. Wishing you a good listening to the Eastern Block!

Mastered by Direct
Cover photo by Chrom

Artist: Various
Title: Session East Ep
Cat.Nr.: FHL008
Quality: 320 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2012


01. Banyek – Kelenfold
02. OhmikRon – Ridin the Lion
03. Radical Motion – Invasion (Ambient mix)
04. Mr. Fiel – Alaska
05. Dj Slow – Waves in the ocean (Deep Whale mix)

Download (zip)
(You can download the .zip file with the following browsers: Internet explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox)

FHL007 White Shadows Ep

Six track was selected for our 7th EP thanks to our formerly submitted competition titled as Spring Deck. The EP starts with In:Form’s electro based grooves and continues with a classic sounded deep house in five and half minutes, a work handi- and earicraft of Tamas “Freaky” Fiel. We got the third track from Grema, who once again delivered us his energetic, membrane-stimulant piece of music (which is expected to be released on vinyl also on a new British record label). Our fourth contestant is Peter Bernath with his remix of Colorstar’s Falling. Summer evening blend, wrapped up in unfortunately only eight minutes. Legend Record’s Ozon, the local don of abstract hip-hop and electro brought us the next track: Can August be like this as well? Hell yeah! The final record is by Sullivan and Direct, the scratch genie of SoulClap Budapest, who reinterpreted In:Form’s track, Nativa, giving it a deep, downtempo pulse.

1,2 and 3rd track was mastered by Grema, 5th track was mastered by Ozon, 6th track was mastered by Direct.

photo by Istvan Tóth

Artist: Various
Title: White Shadows Ep
Cat.Nr.: FHL007
Quality: 320 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2012

01. In:Form – Airport
02. Mr. Fiel – Downtown dimensions
03. Grema – Clappin’ up (Edit for Freaks)
04. Colorstar – Falling up (Peter Bernath remix)
05. Ozon – August beat
06. In:Form – Nativa (Sullivan and Direct remix)

Download (zip)

FHM018 Chocky – Chuffin.blend

We are very proud to welcome our next guest mix coming from Chocky, a recently discovered talented artist from the UK, delivering his unique mindset, combining funk, disco, house and dnb grooves in 40 minutes. Some of his productions is already released on two upcoming quality labels, Audio Parallax and Disconnected Sounds. While exploring the sounds of the compilation you will get an instant insight into Chocky’s mind, full of creative blended ideas.


1 Glenn Astro & IM.YRMIND (+a few words from Bruce Lee) – K.D.I.M
2 Baba Yaga – Effigy
3 Shepherd – Winged Chariot (KRTS Remix)
4 Deft – Last Night
5 Calibre – The Blues
6 Troubleman – Time out of mind
7 Chocky – Yip Groove (Chockys bridge mix)
8 Barbara Lynn – Movin’ on a Groove (Chockys bridge arrangement)
9 Chocky – Dayz (mithering you outro)