FHM020 Swain – Wine & Soda

The 20th baby of our mix series has arrived. The latest, nearly 60-minute selection was made by the Berlin-Budapest commuter and Two-B-Music’s team member: Swain. The mix is fresh, just like a great summer spritzer. Enough of words, give it a try and enjoy!



01. Long Island Electrical Systems – Mystic Motion
02. Marbod – Youth /Thomas Stieler Floathing Away Remix/
03. Baaz – Way Out Citti /Reiling&Astrup Rmx/
04. Dream 2 Science – Mystery of Love
06. Marvin Dash – Workshop 014
07. Zombie Zombie – Watch the World from the Plane
08. Baaz – Glim
09. Solid Gold Playaz – Do you want to get Down?
10. Marbod – Love me two times
11. Nick Solé – Africa
12. Vakula & Kuniyuki – Session North #1-Kuniyuki Version