FHM018 Chocky – Chuffin.blend

We are very proud to welcome our next guest mix coming from Chocky, a recently discovered talented artist from the UK, delivering his unique mindset, combining funk, disco, house and dnb grooves in 40 minutes. Some of his productions is already released on two upcoming quality labels, Audio Parallax and Disconnected Sounds. While exploring the sounds of the compilation you will get an instant insight into Chocky’s mind, full of creative blended ideas.


1 Glenn Astro & IM.YRMIND (+a few words from Bruce Lee) – K.D.I.M
2 Baba Yaga – Effigy
3 Shepherd – Winged Chariot (KRTS Remix)
4 Deft – Last Night
5 Calibre – The Blues
6 Troubleman – Time out of mind
7 Chocky – Yip Groove (Chockys bridge mix)
8 Barbara Lynn – Movin’ on a Groove (Chockys bridge arrangement)
9 Chocky – Dayz (mithering you outro)