FHM017 Tomska – Vibes and Pepper promo mix

After a long break, we have got our latest exclusive mix from France, thanks to the Vibes And Pepper Management

Tomska explore DJing universe in the clubs and bars from 1995. In 1999, he is very curious to discover the production of the sound…so just for pleasure and very quickly he released some vinyls in limited edition on white label. After many years, Tomska back his studio for a new projects vinyl, remixes german artists and signs on Manuscript Ukraine/Big Mama Records and Chicago labels Loft 66, House Is A Feeling, LeFreQ, House 4 Sale and create Last Underground Society (private parties). He goes on playing and defending underground house music and vinyl.

Enjoy Tomska’s great mix, the real house music is here to download.

No tracklist available.