FHM011 Vinyluser – Project 2501

fhm011FHM011 is a nice medley pulled out from a dusty box.
Our newest piece of the series looks back 4 years.  The mix made by Vinyluser in 2004 has turned up in these days surprising even its producer.:)
If you are unfamiliar with the nick Vinyluser,  then take a look at the artist page at deephouse.hu.
Nevertheless I have to point out that we are dealing with a massive vinyl junkie collector, who is obsessed of these styles since the early-mid 90s.
Darker detroit-dub-tech sound with a little house feeling, barded with true classics.
Download is obligatory if you enter this site!:)



Boy Robot – Just My Reflection And Me /City Centre Offices, 2003
H. Brunner – The Book /KMS, 2001
Percy X – Freeview Preview /Generations, 1997
Nina Anderson – MD Jr. Edit /3B, 2002
Dub Taylor – Ground Light /Raum…musik, 2001
MDV vs. Jesse Rose – Voicemail /Front Room Recordings, 2002
Playin’ 4 The City – Backfire /Tropism Records, 2002
John Tejada & Arian Leviste – Faux Obsolete /Playhouse, 2003
John Tejada – Timebomb (VIP Remix) /7th City, 2002
Kemit Sources – Bor Dlan (I:Cube Remix) /Versatile Records, 2003
Maurizio – M4 /Maurizio, 1995
Maurizio – M4.5 /Maurizio, 1995

Recorded in 2004.