FHM010 Estimulo- Fruit Of Patience

fhm010The Freakyhouse group was established a year ago so we decided to ask the person who made the first one just a year ago.  FHM010 came from Germany in the presentation of Estimulo, founder of Mixomat Recordings.  We can enjoy the deepest 4/4 themes somewhere int he borders of deep-tech-dub house for approx. 78 minutes.  Nicely built up mix, slow pulsation – chill out is guaranteed.
Instead of our own words, let Brad Peterson (Moods&Grooves Rec, Altered Moods Rec.) speak, who wrote these sentences on his myspace letter:

” …. WHOA.  Okay, there is a reason why this guy is always voted “the deepest deejay on planet earth” by me and my friends even though the election is rigged.  But hey wer’e in America so it’s okay.  (and Roxnadz.com used to win it all the time until Estimulo came along, sorry Malcolm but you’re still tha man).

GET IT NOW…. You can find the link in the Freakyhouse message below.  Or go to the Freakyhouse myspace page at: www.myspace.com/freakyhouse (look down to the bottom right) And if you want to find out more about Esti, check: http://www.myspace.com/estimulo He has a weekly radio show and dozens upon dozens of mixes to download if you look around in the right places.  This one is a good place to start. „



01 upperground orchestra – solaris eremit (morphine records)
02 2loop – reminder (altered moods recordings)
03 xdb – f.e.b. (sistrum recordings)
04 art bleek – antichambre (rush hour recordings)
05 johan fotmeijer – back in the days (aesthetic audio)
06 carsten jost – atlantis ii (dial)
07 azymuth – jazz carnival / global communication’s space jazz mix (far out recordings)
08 shur-i-kan – searching / fingers remix (freerange records)
09 mood life – needs not wants (strictly rhythm)
10 stranger – vesuvius (plink plonk)
11 lawrence – rabbit tube (mule electronic)