FHL012 … on hot ice! Ep

FHL012 ... on hot ice!After a short break we’re back at the end of the year to please you with yet another digital release. Our On hot ice! compilation contains 4 pieces from 3 artists. The first two strong house tracks are from the Hungarian B-Squit. Super vibes, you must have them! You can find more information about the producer of the third song by clicking on his name, VR-314. He is a long time member of the Hungarian underground house scene, loves to hide behind pseudonyms and expands his analogue synth set quite rapidly. The last track arrived to our studio from Netherlands. The gentlemen, who also uses various aliases plays in the real deephouse league. It took us some sleepless nights to decide which of his music should be released. Check mrmultiple Soundcloud! Unlike our previous stuff, the 12th compilation can be downloaded from our Bandcamp page, 3 EUR/the whole package, or 80 cents/song. (Cover design by Róbert Bereznyei, mastered by Szabolcs Puha)

Artist: Various
Title: … on hot ice! Ep
Cat.Nr.: FHL012
Quality: flac or mp3
Release date: 23.12.2014

Bandcamp: … on hot ice! Ep

01. B​-​Squit – A Neat Little Jazz Riff 06:45
02. B​-​Squit – Blinded By The Lights 07:46
03. VR​-​314 – The Casio Track 06:27
04. mrmultiple – Grinning 04:52

FHL011 Gnork – Skysurfin remixes Ep

Gnork-remixes-epThe ‘Gnork – Skysurfin remix contest’ has just ended, we have the results. All incoming remixes had been uploaded to our Soundcloud account in a private playlist, shared only with the jury who rated the tracks on a 0-10 scale. Here are the first 3 winning tracks (with a short biography of each artist)

Lola is the dj/production alias of brother’s Shane McNamara and Liam Jones, who have a shared passion for all things electronic. Hailing from London, the two take their influences from garage, house and techno, and everything in between. The brother’s intend to explore the more deeper and eclectic sides of the music that they so dearly love. Their journey has just begun…

Nermo is a young & dirty, freaky from Budapest. Some month ago he’s living in Berlin and try to take this crazy city’s vibe in his new tracks.

B-Squit is best known for being one half of the up and coming Hungarian boyband ‘Streako & B-Squit’, the duo responsible for some heavy edits, bootleg remixes and some melodic, dreamy deep-house over the past few years. He’s been working as a producer for 10 years now, under various secret and not-so-secret aliases like, Seabiscuit or Boy With Guitar. He is djing under the name of B-Squit, playing deep, jackin underground house strictly from vinyl.

Artist: Various
Title: Gnork – Skysurfin remixes Ep
Cat.Nr.: FHL011
Quality: 320 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2013


01. Gnork – Skysurfin (Lola remix)
02. Gnork – Skysurfin (Nermo remix)
03. Gnork – Skysurfin (B-Squit Short remix)

Download (zip) (You can download the .zip file with the following browsers: Internet explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox)

The winners will get on vinyl the 3 winning tracks + the original Gnork version with our special, “The House Sound of Budapest” T-shirt. Cover designed by Róbert Bereznyei, typography by Rozi Mákó. Mastering for the vinyl release will be made by Dj Direct and the pressing by

If you would like to order from the extra limited hand-stamped coloured vinyls, send us an e-mail to freakyhouselabel [at] gmail [dot] com. The price of the vinyl is 15 EUR (4500 HUF) without shipping costs.


FHL010 Future thoughts Ep

Our 10th release is here with artists never appeared on any of the previous Freakyhouse joints. The first track sounds like it was a fusion baby of Theo Parrish and early Matthew Herbert sounds. We are confident that Ashok Leylund (aka Asio Otus)’s unique and special musical world will find its way to the people in the know abroad as well. The second piece is right from the studio of Black Lego aka Gnork. Playful, easy summerish feeling, for sure can set the dancefloor on fire. Herewith we have to mention Gnork’s latest release, to be out on vinyl at Bokhari Records early July. Back to the EP, Mr. Fiel remembers the summer of ’98, when tracks like Music is the answer were rocking clubs. Classic house with strong bassline and chords. The final track was found at the base of Rocket Science Orchestra: deep house, nice piece of bass spiced up with pads and pinches of trumpet.
Good news for those who prefer the uncompressed versions: the EP soon will be available for purchase in WAV format at our Bandcamp site. Until then enjoy the download of the free mp3 version and listening!

Artist: Various
Title: Future thoughts Ep
Cat.Nr.: FHL010
Quality: 320 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2013


01. Ashok Leylund – Leaving the house
02. Black Lego – Freaky grooves
03. Mr. Fiel – Summer ’98
04. Rocket Science Orchestra – Spacetalk

Download (zip) (You can download the .zip file with the following browsers: Internet explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox)

FHL009 Video games for bunnies Ep

FHL009Chicago- and acid house dominates our ninth netlabel release. To cut straight to the chase, our first track is from Grema, who delivers the usual and expected high quality stuff. A piece of dynamic, dancefloor killer, followed by Vinyluser‘s also rocking acid fly. Latter’s title is an acronym, with the following meaning: That Magic From Yesterday Is Gone. More than 5 minutes of music primarily made up of Roland Juno 60 sounds and with the help of a Doepfer Modular. Gnork, who already has a vinyl release in his past, aiming for a smoother style: Skysurfin is a nice game with pads, backed by a variety of deep, buzzin basslines. The fourth one, titled Our Future got out from the workshop of Route 8. Another gem of Chicago house, recorded by the artist on a tape. We are pretty sure that the works of Route 8 soon will see a vinyl cut. The slow and charming final track comes from the Farbwechsel label owner duet, Silf. If we wrote this teaser for an online record shop, something like this would come: essential release, must-have!

Cover photo by Vinyluser

Artist: Various
Title: Video games for bunnies Ep
Cat.Nr.: FHL009
Quality: 320 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2013

01. Grema – Sabada
02. Vinyluser – TMFYIG
03. Gnork – Skysurfin
04. Route 8 – Our future
05. Silf – Her long copper legs stretched out under a short skirt

Download (zip) (You can download the .zip file with the following browsers: Internet explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox)

FHL008 Session East Ep

For our 8th release, we received works from 5 Hungarian producers. The first two tracks are from Banyek and OhmikRon, the two known dub representatives of the region. Banyek’s music was inspired by Kelenföld (a territory in the outskirts of Budapest), it’s a deeply pulsating 5 minute-long “dub wonder”, built by analog machines, while OhmikRon’s slowly evolving dubby chord play dandles us for 10 minutes.  We have got the thrid track from Direct and Range, it’s the ambient version of Radical Motion’s work titled Invasion. Mr. Fiel’s track transports us to Alaska. House grooves with a powerful bassline, and synths slowly building up in cold melancholy. The 5th track is from Dj Slow’s downbeat lab: fading chords, broken rhythms, and vibrating subs in the background frame this 4 minutes. Wishing you a good listening to the Eastern Block!

Mastered by Direct
Cover photo by Chrom

Artist: Various
Title: Session East Ep
Cat.Nr.: FHL008
Quality: 320 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2012


01. Banyek – Kelenfold
02. OhmikRon – Ridin the Lion
03. Radical Motion – Invasion (Ambient mix)
04. Mr. Fiel – Alaska
05. Dj Slow – Waves in the ocean (Deep Whale mix)

Download (zip)
(You can download the .zip file with the following browsers: Internet explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox)