Mr. Fiel

Tamas FielHis passion towards music started with organizing school parties and radio. From the second half of the 90s he is constantly reading net forums and various newspapers following up the development of electronic dance music. Buys his first turntable in 2000, starting to collect vinyls – his repertory consists of cca. 800 vinyls covering a wide range of styles (jazz, hip-hop, disco, house and dub techno).

Starts to spin records from the autumn of 2005, joins in 2006 as well as the Freakyhouse project in 2007. Also in that year together with In:Form they launch their radio show on Töréspont. The guys join the well known and much respected Tilos radio in September 2008: their show named “Slow Down” is broadcasted every Sunday from 9 am. Besides DJing he makes interviews and writes articles to music sites. In the future he would like to devote more of his time to songwriting/music making. His style is difficult to define, principally seeking for deeper house but always up for bringing jazz, disco and funk elements to his music.

Some place where he played (inter alia): Merlin, Instant, Dürer Kert, Cökxpon, Pántlika, Barokko, Alkotótábor, Portugal Café, RS9, Toldi mozi, Artkatakomba, Promenád Café, Kakas és Roulette Café (Dabas), Kifli klub (Cegléd), Dexion (Alsóörs)