FHL004 Dublicator, Rivo, Migren – Dubweiser EP

fhl004You may listen to the works of two Hungarian and one Dutch producer.

This time Dublicator brought us a smooth and dreamy track which is followed by a massive energetic piece with full of dub-techno beats made by Rivo who had previous releases on labels such as Schall-Netlabel, Instabil, This Side Music and Ear-Min Records. Finally Migren tells us the story of an “old man” in more than nine minutes.

Artist: Various
Title: Dubweiser EP
Cat.Nr.: FHL004
Quality: 256 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2009


01. Dublicator – Evaporation
02. Rivo – Deinogalarix
03. Migren – Old man

Download (zip)

FHL003 Dublicator – Constant

fhl003After two compilations, the next EP’s single artist is Tamás Olejnik a.k.a Dublicator.

After Tamás having made several EPs at nonstopnonsense.netlab the Italian label Deepindub.org – founded by DJ Mitch – released his album.  This EP consists of four track: the title song in three different approaches and the odd one out named Variant.

Concerning the style the name of the producer can ring a bell, not surprisingly FHL003 can be described with indicators such as dub-ambient-techno-deep.

Artist: Dublicator
Title: Constant EP
Cat.Nr.: FHL003
Quality: 256 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2008


01. Constant I.
02. Constant II.
03. Constant III.
04. Variant

Download (zip)

FHL002 Freakyhouse Sampler Vol. 2.

fhl002Now Migren appears on it with a solo track along with pieces by Ferenc Vaspoeri and Soutien Gorge.

Ferenc has written an easy summer-vibe song with fine tech house elements, Soutien Gorge has composed again a piece of melody driven ambient-dub with fancy Hungarian vocal textures, and last but not least, Migren’s track is full of strong dubtechno sounds.

Download it, it is advisable for you to do so. :)

Artist: Various
Title: Freakyhouse Sampler Volume 2.
Cat.Nr.: FHL002
Quality: 256 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2008


01. Ferenc Vaspoeri – Sunflower in cellophane
02. Migren – Miner
03. Soutien Gorge – Ringató

Download (zip)

FHL001 Freakyhouse Sampler Vol. 1

fhl001We have started our netlabel and the first Freakyhouse Sampler is avaliable now.

The compilation includes exclusive tracks from talent Hungarian producers. You can download different kind of songs from minimal-deep-house to ambient-dub. Check it!

Artist: Various
Title: Freakyhouse Sampler Volume 1.
Cat.Nr.: FHL001
Quality: 256 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2008


01. Soutien Gorge – Gondolkodnom kell
02. Ferenc Vaspoeri – Day of the week variance
03. Bigflash – Fuck playin’ gamez
04. United Soul feat. J.B. – Soul piano

Download (zip)

FHM014 – Rivo – Icy Spell

Few days after the fourth release of our label we decided to start 2009 with anticipating the next mix.

The name Rivo can surely ring a bell from the Dubweiser EP. The dutch guy brings his DJ talent to us, music lovers. In this first class exclusive mix made by him we can explore dub, dubby techno and house sound. Slowly built up, calm beats soul embalming monotone melodies.



Remote_ – Reveal  [Styrax Records]
Rhythm & Sound with Paul St. Hilaire – Why  [Burial Mix]
Tony Allen – Olé (Moritz Von Oswald remix)  [Honest Johns Records]
Sven Weisemann – Vibe  [Mojuba]
The Timewriter – So Much Pain Inside (Blood Of Eden mix)  [Plastic City]
Soha – Foulchette  [Basic Recordings]
Parallel 9 – Dominus  [Musicman]
Stephen Brown – The Year Zero  [Transmat]
David Alvarado – Aire  [NRK Sound Division]
Monobox – Realm  [M-Plant]
Gez Varley – Higher (G-Man mix)  [Persistencebit Records]
Maurizio – M6  [Maurizio]
Paul St. Hilaire & Peter Lowe – Faith  [False Tuned]