FHL005 Freakyhouse Sampler 3 (part 1)

FHL005 Freakyhouse Sampler 3 part 1We have returned – our new sampler will be released in two parts. We have chosen 4 new Hungarian tracks for the first part of the fifth release, and to top it all, this will be the first official appearnce for more artists.
The first track came from the ancient deep-house-face, the ears and sampling work of Vinyluser is laudable! The title reveals the origins of the music used to sound samples – dope piece, in more than 5 minutes. The second track was produced by Berkeley, who feels at home in the ambient sounds (using different alter ego called Wum). The track, which is full of effects and sound-snatches tell us a great crime story. We received the 3rd track from Grema. Can you hear those raw power in the track, that we felt at his successful live act in the summer? It is a dance floor bomb with techy and acid elements. The last track were made in the BRP Studio. In:Form uses his own sounds – a dark bassline, pads swim under the little fragments. Special thanks to Istvan Tanka aka DirectSoulClap Budapest for his help ;)

Wish you good listening, we will come back soon with the second part delivering slow stuffs with hip-hop and jazz elements.

Artist: Various
Title: Freakyhouse sampler 3 part 1
Cat.Nr.: FHL005
Quality: 256 Kbps, mp3
Release date: 2011
01. Vinyluser – Herb
02. Berkeley – Crime scene
03. Grema – Decay sequence
04. In:Form – Nativa
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FHM017 Tomska – Vibes and Pepper promo mix

After a long break, we have got our latest exclusive mix from France, thanks to the Vibes And Pepper Management

Tomska explore DJing universe in the clubs and bars from 1995. In 1999, he is very curious to discover the production of the sound…so just for pleasure and very quickly he released some vinyls in limited edition on white label. After many years, Tomska back his studio for a new projects vinyl, remixes german artists and signs on Manuscript Ukraine/Big Mama Records and Chicago labels Loft 66, House Is A Feeling, LeFreQ, House 4 Sale and create Last Underground Society (private parties). He goes on playing and defending underground house music and vinyl.

Enjoy Tomska’s great mix, the real house music is here to download.

No tracklist available.

Freakyhouse and Deephouse.hu presents Terrence Parker (PMW/Detroit)

Legendary House DJ Terrence Parker, father of Gospel House, lord of the vinyls is about to spin in Budapest, Hungary on 17th June, 2011.

Wanna hear quality house music from a real superhero of the dj decks?

Terrence has been djing, producing, remixing for 30 years, being a label owner for some time now, played in over 150 cities. Now with this summer’s European tour he show his talent to the underground crowd of Budapest with unique taste for real and non-commercial dance music.

Don’t miss it!


In:Form / White Rack (Freakyhouse, Radio Tilos, The Hoptenon)
Ruszi / Mr. Fiel (Deephouse.hu – Freakyhouse, Radio Tilos)
Vinyluser (Deephouse.hu)
Terrence Parker (PMW/Detroit)
Sailor / Marcelo Mas (Freakyhouse, Deephouse.hu)

Freakyhouse, Deephouse.hu

FHM016 Tolnai – Reactions05 Motorváros fénye

FHM016 Tolnai Reactions05 - Motorváros fényeiIn 2010 Tolnai, founder of Deep Vision Night came out a new mix series called Reactions. The 5th part of this selection focuses on the sounds of the motorcity, Detroit. Check and enjoy the [FHM016] mix, it will be a slow, deep journey.



01 anton zap – it s your wave too
02 patrice scott – far away (mike edge rmx)
03 the detroit experiment – think twice (mark e pressure dub)
04 ernie – tsunamisadolight
05 w and p hgg – basic groove
06 point g – headache
07 move d – like i was king (black label mix)
08 black jazz consortium – ambroshia (original mix)
09 red rackem – picnic
10 stewart walker – mint tea with honey (original mix)
11 model 500 (juan atkins) – starlight
12 aril brikha – setting sun
13 d5 – floatation tank

FHM015 – Sailor – My freeki turntables

FHM015 PictureOur next compilation is an introspection into Sailor‘s recent vinyl minded world. Seamless flow of seduction oriented musical gems from funk to detroit inspired house music with an approximatley 20 beats per minute bounce between beginning and ending, haphazardly interlarded with dirt fuelled disco shit.
A mix which has been missing from his catalogue for a long while.



01. stratasoul – thank you music /fresh minute music
02. the beatdown machine – groove is on my mind /sleazybeats
03. eddie c – the show is over /endless flight
04. the revenge – looking up to you /mcde
05. mikki – dance lover (dub) /renaissance
06. ilija rudman – dance disorder (faze action remix) /bearfunk
07. joakim – vibramatic /crippled dick hot wax
08. mcde – raw cuts #2 /mcde
09. russ gabriel – change /sushitech
10. nebraska – off ramp /rush hour
11. roland appel – secrets (arto mwambe remix) /sonar kollektiv
12. alex kid – palma /f communications
13. scott grooves – detroit 808 /natural midi
14. future beat investigators – louder /raw fusion