FHM002 DJ Jus-Ed – 4-28-07

FHM002DJ Jus-Ed - 4-28-07

The second mix of freakyhouse was done by none other than DJ Jus-Ed from Bridgeport, Connecticut. He selected mainly tracks out on his label.. Enjoy! :)



1. Sunday morning blues by DJ Jus-Ed UQ-013 Hexigon ep.
2. Baltimore Love Kevin James & Jus-Ed UQ-005
3. Come on and Dance by DJ Jus-Ed UQ-013 Hexigon ep.
4. Stream of consciousness remix by Jenifa Mayanja Bu-Mako.
5. Rainy Daze DJ QU UQ-005 PART
6. INSANE by Rick Felix UQ-005
7. Future Story by Anton Zap UQ-005 PART 2
8. Jazz House by DJ Jus-Ed UQ-013 Hexigon ep.
9. Boundless Remix by Jus-ed for Bu-Mako
10. Unbelieveabley Beautiful feat. Madafi UQ-008
11. DON’T STOP dah da da by Jus-Ed some shit ep UQ-012
12. OASIS #9 OMAR-S & Shadowray